Buzz One Four Impact documentary is about a B52 with 2 thermonuclear bombs that went by the call sign “Buzz One Four” that crashed on Big Savage Mountain in Western Maryland on January 13, 1964 during a blizzard. The local citizens became the first responders and almost died trying to search and rescue the crew members of this B52 that crashed near the small town of Grantsville, Maryland. Even though this crash occurred over 50 years ago, the people impacted by this event still continue with their journey of recovery. This documentary tells their story of the crash, rescue, recovery, remembrance and the impact it has had on their lives.

The way the citizens reacted to the crash and have continued to never forget the crew and family members of “Buzz One Four” is a remarkable story about courage, integrity and honor by so many people around Grantsville. They demonstrated the American spirit of how they all pulled together during a tragedy to help other people while they put themselves at risk.

This documentary tells their story about this tragic event and how it has impacted their life. The community came together and dealt with this tragedy and has even memorialized it through the years.

This event happened over 50 years ago and it is time that the true stories are told so the whole world will know about it and learn how to deal with a traumatic event of this magnitude with compassion for all involved.


The Buzz One Four Impact Documentary consists of the following 6 parts:


1. Rescue and Recovery

2. Remembrance

3. Impact

4. 50th Anniversary Ceremony

5. Avilton Community Meeting

6. Grantsville Community Museum