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Renee Green

Renee Green

Executive Producer
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Renee Green lives in Annapolis, Maryland and grew up in New Carrollton, Maryland. Her parents are Bernard and Adele Green who lived in Mt. Savage, Maryland. Even though Renee did not grow up in Western Maryland she feels like she did because her parents always considered it home.

Renee Green graduated from the University of Maryland with a B. S. Degree in Finance in 1985. She pursued a career in banking which lead to a career as a Financial Advisor. She has worked at Ameriprise Financial full time since 1997.

In 2007, Renee went back to school for writing and film. In 2008, she incorporated her vast knowledge of financial products, service and life experiences into an easy to understand Financial Literacy video program entitled Money Concepts for Life. She has written over 50 short stories. In 2014, she started Renee Green Productions to incorporate her writings, financial literacy program and documentaries.

Renee realized that people are not aware of the significance and importance of local memorials, monuments or events. Her mission is to produce documentaries that tell the historical story of the event or about the people who are being honored and memorialized so we have a better understanding of their significance.

Renee is working on a documentary that has fascinated her for years entitled “Buzz One Four Impact Documentary.” This documentary deals with several memorials in Garrett County, Maryland that are dedicated to the local citizens and 5 Air Force crew members. This documentary tells the story about a B52 with 2 thermonuclear bombs that crashed near where her Great Grandparents lived on January 13, 1964. It tells the story about the crash, the rescue, the recovery along with the impact on the lives of the crew members, their families and the local citizens. Many of the local citizens are Renee’s relatives and almost died themselves from frostbite trying to rescue the crew who had either ejected from the plane or crashed with the plane in blizzard conditions after the plane’s tail fell off. The everyday citizens became heroes. The whole town rallied together to assist in the rescue and recovery efforts and will never forget what happened during the week of January 13, 1964.

Renee’s Great Great Grandfather was Amos Broadwater who settled on Big Savage Mountain in 1807 along with his friend Samuel Beeman. Amos had 12 children and many of them had many children. So many of the citizens with the last name of Broadwater, Beeman, Bittenger and Green are relatives and related to Renee. She has completed this documentary because she wanted to make sure that their story was told so everyone would know about it. She is very proud of what the community was able to do and feels that it is an example of true heroism and embraces the American spirit.

Renee had heard that her Grandfather Harry Green who grew up in Lonaconing and lived in Mt. Savage assisted with helping people find their way up the mountain to the crash site since he knew the treacherous roads so well even if they were covered in snow.

Renee’s first documentary is entitled “Save The Peace Cross.” This documentary is about the Bladensburg WWI Memorial or Peace Cross that was dedicated in 1925 to honor 49 men who fought and died for our country but is in jeopardy of being removed due to a lawsuit filed in 2014 by the American Humanist Association (AHA) and 3 individuals.  Renee felt that she could do her part to stand up and try to defend the Peace Cross from being removed. She was able to get the memorial listed on the National Register of Historic Places on September 8, 2015 which has been a factor in the lawsuit. Visit www.SaveThePeaceCross.com for more information.

Renee Green has been the Executive Producer, Writer, Scriptwriter, Researcher, Narrator, Co-Editor along with Production Assistant, Production Coordinator for Buzz One Four Impact Documentary.



John “JT” Torresjt_wb

John “JT” Torres works full time at the Discovery Channel in Silver Spring, Maryland. He also is a Freelance Cinematographer whose goal is to document people’s stories in life through the magic of video. He uses quality HD video cameras from Canon and Sony, and employs professional cinema graphic software and techniques in post-production to capture or recreate the moments in life that are most important to people such as a graduations, weddings, quinceaneras, engagements or anniversaries. His mission is to tell the world your story!



Doug Wirthdoug_web

Doug Wirth is an Independent Contractor in Film Production and Events as a Director or Production Manager.

He is the owner of The Stable Production. View his IMDb page at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3262402/





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Robby Ferguson is an independent media design consultant and Drone Pilot. He is the owner of Robbydean LLC. He assists businesses with websites, logos, branding and Facebook design and media content.